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DeWitch & DeKidz

Everyone else has a web site these days, so we figured, why not us, too?

We'll mainly use this site to post lots of favorite pictures of our friends and family.  We'll try to pick out the most flattering ones, but no guarantees!

I plan on doing a page with my some of my completed projects (crafts, gardening, decorating, etc.)

I might do a page with scenes I have done for different online projects too,

YEAH - RIGHT!!! HEE HEE HEE - I spend all my time on the 'puter:)

I'll try to update this site frequently, so make sure to check back often.

Please be sure to sign the guestbook on the "Contact Me" page and let me know what you think. That is IF it is working:) - IT ISN'T:{  AND -  we have lost all our entries:{:{If anyone knows of a decent, reliable guestbook - PLEASE let us know where to get one - THANK YOU




Jasper Jax (de Slayer:)

JJ was a rescue from the Humane Society.  He was dumped at two years old by an owner who did not want to pay for the "special food" they said he required.  He has been with us for 9 years now and he does not have that "special food" but he does have very good food.  He was 16 years old 10/27/11 and still acts like a kitten. Jasper went to the bridge 8/10/12:(  He is missed very much.


Newest Events

HangGliding - 2013

Da Amewsment Park

Home (Gemma & Jackson)

Snow Day

Jasper Jax went to the bridge:( 8-10-12 )

At de Moovies


Bear went to the bridge:( 12/10/11 )

Bear's Christmas Story

Christmas Dinner by Bear Doggy

DeWitchez Kidz Fangzgibin 2011

Desfurrados Halloween 2011

Gramma went to the bridge:( 6/7/11)

Our Other Group!!!



Desfurrados Halloween 2010

New Yeerz Eve in Timez Square

Boo's Krismouse Eve Pawty 2007

DeKidz Krismouse Twee Dekoratin' Cattest

DeKidz Fangzgibin' 2007!!!

Desfurrados Halloween Twip to N'Awlinz 2007

Krismouse Party 2004

Mew Year's Ebe Party 2004-2005

more event on de critterz and links page

At this time DeKidz purrsonal sites are being updated so their links may not work.


Bear came to his forever home 5/2/00
Bear is a purebred Chow Chow and was a rescue from SFAR.  He was dumped as a tiny puppy  by a "backyard breeder" who thought he was blind and worth nothing.  He is worth the world to us.  He has been with us since he was 4 months old.  In this time he has had two hip surgeries as he had severe hip dysplasia as a result of indiscriminate breeding by someone out to just make money on these poor babes.  He was 12 years old 11/27/11.

Our hearts are breaking today as our beautiful boy unexpectedly went to the bridge early last evening 12/10/11.  Our lives are going to be very empty without his love, beauty & dignity.



I have a new addition to my sites in the works.

DeWitchez Way

I have added a few PSP Tips & tutorials I have written.  Have added also added few OE Tips   Hopefully will add some things for Photo Impact also.


I have a site to show off some of my graphics, photos & Outlook Express Stationery

DeZignz By DeWitch


I also have a site to show my lessons that I completed from my web design class

DeWitchez Web DeZignz



Magick came to his forever home 12/25/01

He was a Christmas gift from my brother.  He is a real Snugglebunny and loves to eat and play with his "Big Bro" JJ.  And nearly every night Magick and Boo have a snugglefest.  Who says cats & dogs don't get along???  He was 10 years old 9/1/11.

Link to beautiful poem page by my Australian friend Wiz


 The Night Before Christmas At Rainbow Bridge

Boo came to her forever home 4/9/04
This is Boo a sweet black Chow Mix girl aged 8 years on 10/18/12 - She left the shelter (SFAR)  in Tennessee, that she had been at since she was thrown out of a car  there at less than two months old, on April 9th 2004 and flew Northeast Airlines to NH to be with us. She is a dear and we all love her very much - Bear Doggy came from the same place - this a wonderful shelter run by caring people.



DeZignz by DeWitch 2004

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