Da Amewsment Park, by De Kidz

Boo:  Yipeeee!  Summer is here! We ken do anyfing we wants to! 

Boy:  Oh boys, do dat meen we ken go to one a doze amewsment parks?

Boo:  Shure - we ken go to da Old Orchard Beach Palace Playland

Gemma:  Ooooh, dat sound like so many funs, Jackson neffur beed to da amewsment park.

Magick:  Oh Jackson gonna luffs it!

Jackson:  Wat mwe do at a mewsment park?

Magick:  Wells, fur one fing, dey gots all kinda fude - yummm
Boo:  So we is all pile in da Jeep an hed out fur Old Orchard Beach Maine. 

 Wen we get dere, da furse fing we see beez da Ferret Wheel.

Jackson:  Ooh, Mama Gemma, ken we goze on dat Ferret Wheel?

Gemma:  Shure, but mew is hafta purrmise not to makes da cart shake wen we get up high!

Jackson:  Okays, okays!!


Boo: Heys, Boy - wanna goze on da rolly coaster? It jess fur bigg kidz, like us.

Boy:  I wud luffs to go on da coaster!!

Magick:  I kinda hungries.  I gonna go to da fude kourt on da pier
an see if dey got sum a doze deep fried twinkies!

Boo:  Okays, we ken all goze where we want,  BUT,
we hafta meets up on da pier in two many hours!!

Gemma:  Mews Jackson.  Why mew shake da car when we gotted to da top?
Mew is purrmise not to.  My neeez is still shakes!

Jackson:  Oh, I reely sorries, but I jess cudn't resiss!


Boo:  Woof woof Boy!  Why yu is stands up wen dat rolly coaster get to da top a da hill?

Boy:  Jess to shows effuryone how feroshus I is, an I not skaired a nuffin!

Boo:  Wells, yu shure skaired da woof rite outta  ME! 

Boy: Uh oh - I fink I hafta frows up.

Boo: Aww common - I thot yu a big feroshus rolly coaster rider.

Boy: I is, but my tummy isn't - woff hehe

Jackson:  Heys, is mew guys see doze bummer cars?

Gemma:  Mewhehe son, doze is bumpurr cars. 
 Mew goze on doze an jess crashes into each da offur!!

Boy:  REALLY??  I wanna goze

Boo:  I isn't like dat ride!  It not nice to bumps each da offur - 
Now we all mad.  I shure is!

Boy:  Oh, Boo - we wuz jess haffin fun.  Nobuddy gotted hurt.

Boo:  My feelings is gotted hurt!!

Gemma and Jackson:  We still luffs mew, Boo.......

Boo:  Wells, I gess we shud go fine Magick an see wat he been up to.

Magick:  Burrrrp, hiccup......

Jackson:  Mews Magick, is mew beed here dis hole time?

Magick:  I shure has!  (burrrp)

Gemma:  Is mew means mew beed eatin dis whole time?

Magick:  I wuz just gonna haff a hot doggie.  Den I is smell da hamburgers an den
da deep fried twinkies an den da meet on a stik an, wells,  mew get da pichure

Boo:  Reely Magick.  Yu alreddy had yur mushmellows.  Isn'd dat enuff?

Magick:  I is eated doze on da ways offur here - mewhehe

Boy:  Do dey got any fude leff fur us to buys?  I gettin hungries now, too.

Boo:  Effun bedder, Boy.  I haff a cooler in da Jeep soze we ken haff a pick nick din din
on da beech!  I wills run back to da car an get it right now!

Gemma:  Mews Boo, is mew fink we shud wakes Magick up in case he hungries.

Boo:  Is yu seed dat pile a fude rappers round him?  He not hungries - woofhaha

Jackson:  Wat iffen he hungries wen he wake up?

Boo:  No worries - I  bringed a eggstra bag of mushmellows, jess in case!

Boy:  Okays, yu guyz - led's eat!!







DeZignz by DeWitch  2013