by Boo & Magick






Boo: Look at all dat snow out dere, Magick!!

Magick: I noze!  Dere so many snow dat skool be klosed today:)

Boo: Woof woof!! Dat mean we ken do anyfing we want to today!!

Magick: Hey, wanna play "sled doggie"? Dat lotsa fun!!



Boo: Shure - it fun fur yu, I da one dat gotta pull da sled an yu be one furry
hevvy boy!!    I gotta bedder ideer!  Led's go shops at da mall!

Magick: No ways. Mew is alla time make me holds mewr
purse an my furriens seez me an dey all laff!!  

Hows 'bout mwe jess go outside an bild a snowsman? 

Boo: Is yu kiddin me? Lass time we bilded a snowsman, yu is jump on it
afore we gotted his hat on!!
Boo: Hows 'bout we jess haff a snowsball fite?

Magick: Dat not fare - Mew make bigger snowsballs!!
Mwe cud goze to a moofie!

Boo: Now yur makin' jokes. Rememfur wat happen lass time we gode to a
Dey say we cannut effur goze bak dere - neffur neffur!

Magick: I gess mew rite. Wells, wat shud we do.
Haff da day is gone alreddy.

Boo: I haff one more idear!! We cud takes a nap on Mofurz bed
an wen we wakes up, we gonna haff fresh idears!!

Magick: Yawwwwn..... dat soun good to me!!


Boo: zzzzzzzzzzzz

Magick: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

In Loving Memory of All Bridge Angels

Graphics by DeWitch - Story by Auntie Ellie

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