by Jackson

I was running fru da beautifur blue grass of Catucky, chasin a nice juicy mousie.  
Ahind me I cud see my home an my furmom, Gemma, asleeps on da front purch.  

Suddenly I feeled somefing shakes me an I woke up!  

It was my furmom, an she sayed "Jackson, I haff sum wonnerfur mews fur mew!" 

Jackson: Wells, it bedder be wonnerful, cuz I wuz bout to catch one delishus mousie!! 

Gemma: It da bestest mews. We getting a home - bofe a us, togeffur!! 

Jackson, looked around the shelter where he had lived for as long as he could remember and remembered his siblings who had already gotten homes...


Wows, Mama, mew means we gonna liff togettur fureffur - in da samest house? 

Gemma: Yes, it tru. A nice lady seed our pichures on da infurnet an hur wants bofe a us.
A man gonna comes an takes us all da way to Mew Hamshurr! 

Jackson: Mew Hamshurr? Is dat in da Mew Nited States? 

Gemma: I isn't noze, butt we beddurr starts packin up and geddin reddy to moof! 

A cuppla days later, a nice man camed an gotted us.
He take to his van,and dere alreddy many doggies in dere!
Dey was all goin places.

We maked lotsa stops an sumtimes doggies is getted out,
but offur time, more doggies is getted in!

We wuz da onliest kitties in da van, da hole time!

It seem dat we wented a millyan miles an stop fife millyan times.......
but we node we wuz gettin close!

Da nex day we go in dis drifeway by a preddy house an some woods an effun a pond.

Da lady letted us inside an da furse fing we seed wuz a big furry doggy name Boo.  

She sayd "woof an welcomes".   We node dat we were home. 

Da lady, who we calls Meowmie now, gafe us sum fude an showed us da lidderbox an jess kep pettin an huggin us. We really liked dat! 

Soon, we seed dat dere wuz anofur kitty in da house. A BIG blak one.
His name be Magick an he kinda ignore us at furrst.

but affur a wiles we gotted to be good furriens. 

Den we finded out dat we effun gotted a daddy!!
He isn't node dat we wuz comin' to liff dere, but he wuz happy to haff us. 

Purdy sune I gonna beez one many yeerz old, an I wills cellybrate my burfday........
wiff my new furmily.........
in Mew Hampshurr, Mew Ess A!!!

But for now I gonna takes a nappy an dream 'bout catchin' dat nice juicy moussie,
in Catucky,
an wen I wakes up.........
I wills be in my own bed.........

in my own home.........
wiff my own furrmily:))

DeZignz by DeWitch  2013