Cutting out with PI lasso tool 

 The first step to dressing kitties is learning how to cut stuff out for them to wear

and also cutting out the kitties faces and paws or you can just paint in the paws.


 Be sure to use a new copy of your graphic if you will want to use the original again

then copy and paste another layer on top of the one you are using

"turn off" the bottom layer by clicking on the "eye" which you see on the right in the layer manager  


using the lasso tool


always remember to copy and paste your image and then turn off the bottom one


select your lasso tool and point to point or freehand

point to point gives you more control

hold down your "alt key" to start clicking

click all around the image and then double click at the end
then go up to selection



hit your delete key

when you have it all cutout save it as a ufo or psd to use for other things

or as a transparent gif if it is finished the way you want it