SABRINA (DA BEASTIE) - leader of the pack

I'm Sabrina a badassed biker babe with lots of catitude. I am totally devoted to my husband Jasper Jax de slayer. I like to party and go on adventures so starting this club and getting lots of kitties to join is perfect for me.

JASPER JAX DE SLAYER - Assistant leader of the pack

I'm JJ de slayer of mousies. I am a fearless biker who is totally in luff with my wife Sabrina. I am a bad boy and a party animal. I luff the open road and seeing new things and party, party, party!!

SHADOW LEIGH - official Desfurrado's mascot


I'm Elvis, Sabrina's brofur. I am a singer who was born to be wild on a bike!




I'm a badassed biker babe that likes to watch football and drink a beer with my dadfur. I am one of Sabrina Da Beastie and Elvis' cousins. I like to party and go on adventures.


I'm Ghostie, brofur of Cary and cousin of Sabrina Da Beastie and Elvis. I am a gentle guy who is into leather and cool colored bikes. I can't wait to go on adventure trips with the other bikers.





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