Angel: Charlie watch out that big d*g Pluto is chasing us

Charlie: don't worry my luff, I am a trained secret agent and I will protect you from Pluto or anyone that tries to harm a piece of fur on your body

JJ: I can't wait to chase that Mickey Mouse when I see him MOL

Sabrina: oh, my brave slayer of mousies husband, you make my furry heart race when you talk like that

Selkie Sue: I am so happy to be with you on our very first biker trip

Sir Bashalot: you are beautiful and I can't wait to get there and go on all the rides with you. We can share a bowl of milk in a quiet little resturant.

Nosey Parker: I can't wait to go to the Dolphin show. You get to feed those big fish. I just want to eat the fish food. I hear it's yummy.

Mama Yak Attack: MOL all you think about is your tummy. I want to see Cinderella's Castle.

Mysty: I heard there is going to be some big surprise at Cinderella's Castle.

Moke: Yeah, Dumpy is telling everyone one to be there at a certain time. We better get going or we will be late for whatever that is he has planned.




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